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Chiropody Treatment

Chiropody Treatment

Mike can help with common foot problems such as…
Chiropody Treatment

  • corns
  • calluses
  • verrucae / cryosurgery
  • ingrown nails
  • skin and nail infections

Techniques such as foot massage and padding/strapping can remove stress from painful pressure areas on the foot.
Also for sale A range of foot creams and pain relieving herbal gels.

Standard 20 minute return appointments £25

Cryosurgery for Veruccae  £55


Check our Self Help guide for common conditions and how you may be able to help yourself.


We take sterilization seriously as it is essential to good podiatry practice.
Steam autoclaves produce test strips with every cycle to prove we meet stringent sterilizing standards of 134 degrees for 3-5mins.

All instruments are the best quality stainless Solingen German Steel.

Sterilizers are checked monthly, and serviced annually by a qualified medical engineer.