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Michael Cummings, D.Pod.M., M.Ch.S. is a HCPC registered chiropodist / podiatrist who has been working locally for over 30 years.

Having qualified from Cardiff School of Chiropody in 1989, he moved back to his home county of Norfolk and worked in general chiropody in the NHS, but also the Biomechanics Department at Norwich Community Hospital.

There he took an interest in Falls Prevention, including video gait analysis of patients to assess their walking so he could devise a care plan to help them.

After 15 years in the NHS, Mike headed into the private sector, where he has built up his two-surgery practice over the last 20 years. Mike’s experience means he can give comprehensive advice on walking and running problems including gait training.

He is proud to offer the best personal experience to his patients while maintaining high clinical standards.

“I get great job satisfaction from treating many varied foot and lower limb pathologies, often providing immediate relief. My speciality is dealing with biomechanical problems, which are caused by walking and running difficulties”.


Born in Norfolk, Mike has always been a keen sportsman, excelling at rugby, sprinting and the long jump.
He still loves sports, though these days focuses on tennis.

This love for sport has inspired a life-long interest in running / foot-related injuries, hence his specialism in lower limb biomechanics.


Whilst training in Podiatry Mike was awarded two Academic Excellence Awards for Theory of Podiatry, including the “Thornboy Statue” which is still proudly displayed in his Sprowston Clinic.
He has also had 3 articles related to the use of orthotics published in professional Podiatry journals.

Whilst working within Biomechanics for the NHS, his post involved giving talks to both patients and professionals on gait and prevention of falls, and also running gait.

His research interests include orthotics, gait types and gait analysis, both in athletes and the elderly, and orthotics development.