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Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis or Policeman’s Heel) can be persistent and very debilitating. We can provide diagnosis and effective treatment for this using orthotics (arch supports) specifically designed for pain in the heel area.

Orthotic Heel Pain

These orthotics are specifically designed to do two major things –

  • After measuring the exact degree of pronation (thus strain on the plantar fascia) the orthotics are posted to correct this, removing tension from the plantar fascia, which ultimately causes a reduction of inflammation and heel pain.
  • It is also extremely important to provide cushioning to the insertion of the calcaneum (heel bone) otherwise any orthotic may not be tolerated. This is done by inserting a button of poron material which has shock absorbing properties and relieves strain from this area.

We offer both bespoke and semi-customised options with a range of prices available.
Foot Mobilisations and advice on training and footwear as well as gait analysis can be helpful for diagnosis of underlying biomechanical malalignments.
All treatments are audited in an endeavour to maintain evidence based practice.

Plantar Fasciitis